Becoming a Blackjack Dealer

If you enjoy interacting with people you may find that a job as a blackjack dealer is a good choice for you. Blackjack dealers are responsible for running the game and making sure that all of the players have a good time. It is not an easy job but if you are good at it you can make a great deal of money, mainly through tips. In general to become a blackjack dealer you will need to pass a course that will teach you the required skills. Most casinos will run their own schools or they will send new hires to a school that they work with. These courses generally run about two weeks. You can take a course if want before you go out looking las vegas casinos for a job and having one may help you to get hired. However most casinos will hire the people they want and then send them to the school to learn to deal blackjack. They do this because personality is generally considered more important when hiring a dealer. Anybody can learn how to deal blackjack. The reason that casinos usually hire based on personality is that a blackjack dealer will have an enormous amount of interaction with the public. For the casinos one of the most important thing is that the players have fun while they dump the casino chips back into the dealer’s tray. This is what will keep them coming back. Having a dealer who can keep the game fun is therefore critically important so an outgoing and friendly personality is critical. You are also going to have to deal with players who are upset; a lot of people get angry when they are losing. You need to be able to deal with this. In most cases the base pay for a blackjack dealer will be quite low, usually around the minimum wage. However this amount can be greatly increased by tips. Most dealers make the bulk of their money in the form of types and a lot of them end up doing quite well. You will likely find that you have to work some very strange hours, casinos are open twenty four hours a day after all. You will also need to stay late if the casino is busy and there are not enough dealers. On the other hand if business is slow you will probably be sent home early so there are no guaranteed hours for a dealer. In most cases a blackjack dealer is the entry level dealer position at the casino, mainly because it is such a simple game. If you do well at it you will likely be given a chance to learn to deal other games. Normally these other games will attract a higher pay rate because they are more complicated. They usually get better tips as well. Ultimately there are numerous other jobs that you can move into in the casino if you do well as a dealer.


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