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Pacific Poker Review


Pacific Poker is a pretty good place to find easy-to-beat opponents if your goal is to make money. If you want to find a place that’s got challenging or professional players so you have some serious competition, this room has that as well, but the easy players tend to outnumber the good ones. Pacific Poker has a fair amount of traffic and has established itself as one of the top online poker rooms. For a decent selection of beatable players, Pacific isn’t too bad.

Rating: 8/10

Game Selection

As of yet, they only have the big five (Texas Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Low, 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Low). They always have games running, with emphasis on limit Holdem, Omaha Hi/Low, and 7 Card Stud ring-games. You can have troubles finding the right game at the right limit, but it usually isn’t a big problem. Their software and graphics are really bad, but it won’t effect your gameplay, though you cannot play more than one table at a time. Another strong point about Pacific Poker’s game selection is they have limits as low as $.05/$.10, which is great for the learning player.

Rating 8/10


Pacific Poker offers a very generous 25%, up to $100, bonus for first deposits. They also offer a “comp” bonus to players, which is a very good thing to have. Each time you play in a raked hand, it adds more points, allowing you to receive more bonus cash. This is one of the better player reward systems out there. Additionally, they’ll offer the occasional re-deposit bonus. They do not have any jackpots.

Rating: 7/10


Their tournaments are surprisingly varied and well run. They don’t have as many tournaments as some other poker sites, but there’s always a few going on, so you won’t be bereft of some easy tournaments to play in. Their single-table tournaments are much the same as other poker sites which is to say that theyre pretty good. Their multiple-table games are only slightly above average, and the tournaments are actually varied in game choice, which is nice. They’re a big advocate of Heads Up tournaments, in which you and one opponent play it out in a great test of individual skill and style. Its one of the most enjoyable tournament formats Ive come across.

Rating: 8/10

Customer Service

They offer 24-hour customer support, which is becoming a rarity in the online poker industry. Their support isn’t always helpful, though, but they usually get the job done. Their cashout and depositing system is fantastic and fast. A company that also owns other online gambling websites runs them, and they have a very good money system in place, as well as terrific security. You just can’t go wrong amazing deposit options and service, and fast cashouts. Nevertheless, the actual support isn’t satisfactory

Rating: 7/10

Overall Rating



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