Poker Strategy: Basics of Sit and Go Poker

Let us say you are on Full Tilt, playing a $4 plus $0.50 sit and go, nine handed poker game where players have 1,500 on their stack of chips. There will be 32 levels of blind that last six minutes each. With about 13,500 in play, the blind would go from 50 to 100 for the early stages and up to 200-400 on the middle stages, and between 250 and 500 or more at the end stages of the poker tournament. Here are some effective strategies to apply during these different stages:


Play the gates tight at the start of a sit and go poker. Play in position and make sure you play it cheap for the flop so you can build your stack of chips gradually while the blinds are still small. Do not attempt for big races during this stage.


As the blinds go more expensive, widen your range a bit and go for some squeeze plays to win some more chips. Limping should be no where on your game plan at this point. With the blinds getting bigger, you can raise up to around 2.5x the BB. No need to risk a ton just to steal the blinds.


The blinds are enormous during the end stages. If you can steal the blinds, go for it. Make the best of your cards and think of your own table only. Play it aggressively like the way you will play a final table of a tournament. This way you build your stack before you get to the final table. And in case the button is playing passive and you are the small blind, be really aggressive. At this stage put your opponents to the test and make them commit mistakes.


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