Tips for Online Blackjack

Gorilla Blackjack Casino offers an impressive portfolio of authentic online blackjack games. These titles allow players to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of land-based casino blackjack in their own home. Play a classic game of blackjack with multiple hands in the fantastic Multi-Hand Blackjack. Online casino players have the opportunity to take on the casino with three deals in an exciting Gorilla Blackjack title. This classic online blackjack game offers one of the most realistic online casino experiences – the title has authentic gameplay, amazing graphics and even includes commentary by a female croupier.

Online blackjack classics at Gorilla Blackjack Casino

Online blackjack players can also enjoy Multi-Hand Blackjack with 1000x bonus. This exciting game offers all the excitement of Multi-Hand Blackjack, plus the opportunity to win a staggering 1000x multiplier bonus. Elsewhere, Table Blackjack gives online casino blackjack gamers a thrilling experience. Table Blackjack gives players a premium casino game and the title effortlessly recreates the luxurious atmosphere of real-world gaming centres. This title is perfect for players seeking a classic blackjack experience. Vintage playing cards, chips and a traditional blackjack table are just some of the exciting features gamers can look forward to in Table Blackjack. Commentary from the croupier and amazing sound effects combine to make it one of the most popular online blackjack games at Gorilla Blackjack Casino. Table Blackjack is not the only Gorilla Blackjack blackjack game with authentic features. European Blackjack offers online casino games a realistic blackjack contest. This is one of the latest blackjack titles to be released at Gorilla Blackjack Casino and as a result, European Blackjack features state-of-the-art visual effects as well as a host of in-game qualities. European Blackjack offers players a unique blackjack experience. It features a number of bonus rules specific to European games of blackjack, including the chance to re-split and play split Aces. As with all of the classic blackjack titles available at Gorilla Blackjack Casino, European Blackjack honours the accepted rules of the game – the online casino stands at 17 and blackjack deals pay 3:2.


Online blackjack gives players an authentic casino experience. The realistic features of Gorilla Blackjack Casino blackjack transport players from their living rooms and desktop computers to the bustling casinos of Monte Carlo and Las Vegas. The Gorilla Blackjack online blackjack range also gives new players the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the game. Brand new players have the opportunity to appreciate the nuances and tactics of blackjack for free before they can play for money. These online blackjack titles give gamers the opportunity to hone and practice their perfect strategy.

Win cash prizes as you play

Online casino players can win cash with the Gorilla Blackjack online blackjack games. The titles offer members the opportunity to win amounts equal to those they would be able to claim in real-world blackjack games. Indeed, there are a range of innovative bonus blackjack games for players looking for the chance to win generous jackpots. These titles have a collection of unique features which promise tangible payouts.

Huge jackpots at Gorilla Blackjack Casino

Online blackjack games like Power Blackjack and 21+3 Blackjack gives players the chance to place an additional wager for cash prizes. In 21+3 Blackjack online casino members have the chance to win a unique bonus payout if a poker hand is formed with the first three cards. These online blackjack games are popular with novice and expert players alike. They offer gamers the opportunity to claim huge cash awards while also enjoying a slightly different blackjack experience to the one they would get in a real-world casino. Discover more about casino blackjack games at Gorilla Blackjack.

Blackjack – a distinguished history

Blackjack has a long history of being one of the most fun casino card games to play. In fact, its lineage goes as far back as the 16th century, when Spanish writer Cervantes referenced a game remarkably similar to 21 in one of his stories. The rules have always remained simple, but highly effective, making blackjack a firm favourite worldwide. Luckily for you, Gorilla Blackjack Casino has taken years of blackjack history and created a brilliant online blackjack gaming zone. Here, a variety of top titles based on the original game of 21 are available to play for cash prizes. Some are closely tied to the simplicity of the original game, while others offer a unique twist on this classic formula. Playing online adds an extra dimension to the blackjack experience. Now you can play whenever and wherever you like; from the comfort of your living room, a friend’s house, even in bed! With so much variety, and so many top ways to win at Gorilla Blackjack Casino, we like to think that we’ve put you in control of your playing conditions. Signing up to play with Gorilla Blackjack is a quick and easy process, and within minutes you can be perusing our catalogue of superb games. It pays to play at Gorilla Blackjack, so we hope to see you at our blackjack tables soon!


The casino has always been a glamorous place to visit, and we think blackjack is possibly the most stylish game of all. And, if you consider the coolest movie scenes in which the game is featured, we think you’d agree! Of course, the most suave, debonair card player is probably James Bond. This superspy working on His Majesty’s Secret Service has often found time for a quick game of cards at the casino, even if his intentions have been a little bit more than winning a big cash prize. However, one thing James Bond doesn’t have that Gorilla Blackjack Casino players have in spades is the ability to play anywhere and at any time. Indeed, the superspy lifestyle afforded to Bond does have its perks, but does he have the time to curl up in bed with his favourite online blackjack game after a day at work? We doubt it! If you’d like to sign up and play with one of the coolest online casinos out there, head to Gorilla Blackjack Casino today. We have a quick sign-up process which allows new members to be checking out the best game s and, most importantly, winning prizes within minutes. With the exception of a bond girl or Daniel Craig of your own, what more could you ask for?


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