Casino Bonus Comp Points

Among different bonuses offered by casinos online, Comp points is one that rewards a player the more he plays. Comp points is a point system that rewards the loyalty of players or, in other words, rewards the players with most frequent engagement in the casino tendering point system based on active participation of members. This is not a good option though if you are looking to earn a good rebate of your gambling expenditures, however more of like a token of appreciation of your engagement in the casino.

Earning comp points, depending on the online casino, is relatively easy. All you have to do is play and play more to grow your points. Comp points system is not applicable on free play though, thus you start earning points only when you are playing with a real money account. By average, a point is generated for every 10 units of currency wagered. ex. $10 = 1 Comp Point. Depending on the online casino, Comp Points may be exchanged for a direct bankroll deposit, cash or gadgets. The equivalent rewards are set with a certain number of comp points to get them. For instance, in a 100 CP = $1 conversion, you could earn $10 after spending $1000. Some casinos online may limit the Comp Points program to specific games, thus if you want to generate points no matter what casino games you play, you must seek for those casinos tendering the kind of freedom on earning Comp Points. For one, allows you to generate points in playing each of the games they cater. From time to time, online casinos also run special promotions on earning Comp Points.

On certain days, with the promotion active, you may earn double or triple points. You might want to watch out for comp points promotions so to speed up your points generation and get rewards in a short period of time. The promotion may require you to play specific games to earn double or triple points though. On the flip side, one thing I dont like about this point system is that the conversion is usually set too low in the beginning that it requires countless of plays as well as cash to be wagered to generate the equivalent points for the rewards. Thus, this is not ideal for past time players or players that only finds online gambling as a part-time hobby. But, some online casinos offer different levels in which each level grants an increase on points per game played per specified wagered amount. Players that are active day by day, though, can take advantage of comp points. Cashing in your Comp Points can be quick and easy, but all depends on the online casino you are in.

Some casinos instruct players to cash Comp Points through the Cashier, while others process it automatically. Please note though to cash your Comp Points only when it covers a good equivalent, so to save time from processing a request everytime, though comp points may be set redeemable at any time depending on the online casino conducting them. To avoid problems, it is recommended to read on terms and conditions first about the tender of Comp Points so to be clear about the dos and dont’s before realizing it is actually not your cup of tea.


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