Blackjack is a great way to beat the casino.

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Games That Pretend to Be Blackjack

In the United States, Blackjack is a popular game because many individuals try to beat it by counting cards. Many casinos have produced Blackjack variants that utilise a lot of Blackjack rules and terminology to capitalise on the game’s popularity and well-known rules. Casinos are well aware that they are developing whole new games. Still, they want you to believe that the new games are identical to Blackjack so that you will feel comfortable playing, and the casino will benefit from a bigger house edge. Here are a few Blackjack doppelgängers to stay away from:

Super Fun 21: This is a single-deck blackjack game where you can surrender any number of cards, double any number of cards, and be paid instantly if you have a six-card 20 or a five-card 21, and a player blackjack always wins money! Something from a dream comes to me when I hear it. The only issue is that blackjacks only payout on an even-money basis (except for diamond suited blackjacks). That single modification in how blackjacks are rewarded negates all of the “super fun” rules and increases the house edge to nearly three times that of traditional Blackjack. This isn’t your typical blackjack game.

Spanish 21 is a highly popular game in many parts of Spain. Many of the same rules apply in this game, although blackjacks still pay 3 to 2, and you can re-double your money (double down twice on the same hand). That sounds fantastic. WRONG! They take all of the tens out of the shoe (the face cards are still in there but no ten cards). If you’ve ever counted cards, you’ll know that the ten-value cards and aces are the most valuable to the player. When you take out all of the tens from the deck, you lose all of the greatness of the improved rules. It also has a more sophisticated basic strategy than traditional Blackjack. Thus most players don’t play it correctly, putting them at a far greater disadvantage than the game’s instructions state. Casinos adore Spaniards who play 21. This isn’t your typical blackjack game.

Free Bet Blackjack: You play just like Blackjack, but instead of giving your own money to double down and split, the casino will allow you to do so for free while still paying you as if you had wagered the money. Isn’t it too good to be true? Yes, it is! If the dealer goes above 21 with a hand total of 22, all bets are pushed in exchange for the freeroll (even though the dealer busted). BARF! In conventional Blackjack, the house edge is doubled. This isn’t a game of chance.

Switch to Blackjack: This game is a little different. You begin with two hands of Blackjack and have the option of switching the top cards of each hand if you believe it will improve your pair of two hands. Anyone who has played Blackjack for a long time wishes they could do that once and then, so this sounds like it could truly rescue your hands. NOPE! The dealer pushes all bets if they get a 22, the same as in Free Bet Blackjack, and player Blackjacks only pay even money. This isn’t a game of chance! Thank you, but no! We haven’t listed all of the games masquerading as Blackjack because it would take all day. Don’t be deceived; before you sit down, double-check that you’re playing real Blackjack.